Lake Hopatcong Commission Meeting (10/15) – Highlights & Full Video Coverage

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The Lake Hopatcong Commission held their monthly meeting at the Lake Hopatcong Foundation on October 15, 2019. The following article provides the highlights of the meeting and video coverage of the full meeting.


Meeting Highlights:

  • Lake Hopatcong Commission Movie Icon 10 15 2019Funds continue to be a problem for the Lake Hopatcong Commission

  • Their Account Balance is only $83,000

  • They have not received funds from the NJ DEP for 2020 that was due on July 1, 2019, or the $50,000 refund for Weed Harvesting in 2019 - This is a nightmare – LHC Chairman

  • The Senators that attended the tour of Lake Hopatcong thanked the Commission, and promised that they will be working on future funding

  • The Weed Harvest in 2019 yielded only 1,284 cubic yards (vs. 4,000 in 2018) at a cost of $355,000

Lake Hopatcong Foundation Update

  • The Foundation had a very successful Lake Loop 2019

  • The Foundation took a trip to Lake George tp learn on how they are handling HABs They were the only major lake in New York that didn’t have HABs this year.

Princeton Hydro Update

  • The July Water Service Temperature in Lake Hopatcong (mid-lake) has increased 37 degrees since over the last 25 years. The HABs are lasting later in the year, like they are now

Working on a Four Point Strategy

        1. WIP
        2. In-Lake Demonstration Projects
        3. Beach Restoration Plans
        4. Investigation to better manage the lake
  • Completed Identification of Locations for Stormwater and Shore Management. They used a Drone to survey the area after rain to help identify sections that need work. Identified 27 sites in Hopatcong Watershed

  • Sewers at 100% in the Lake Hopatcong watershed would remove more than 60 percent of the phosphate

Current Status:

-  Hopatcong 40%

-  Jefferson 0%

-  Mount Arlington: 100%

-  Roxbury: 100% (except Hopatcong State Park)

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