Important Tips for Winterizing your Boat (from Bridge Marina)

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Local award-winning Bridge Marina on Lake Hopatcong shares tips on winterizing your boat for both people that Do-It-Yourself (DIY’ers) and others that use marinas.

During this short video, Ray Fernandez from Bridge Marina shares his expert knowledge on the process of Winterization, and tips that everyone can use to ensure success in the Springtime.

Winterize Boat Movie Cover

Boat in SnowStart Early:

Boats are a valued asset and need to be taken care of to ensure a smooth spring launch. Start early in the fall, don’t lie to yourself, if you don’t see any open boating days on your calendar it’s time to winterize your boat.

Steps in Winterization:

Remove the Boat from the Water: Make sure you start early and don’t leave it to the last minute

Bottom Wash the Boat: To remove all of the crud from the last season

Winterize the Engine: Protect the Engine from the winter cold months

Change the Filters and Fluids: Remove the bad stuff from the season with new fluids and parts

Prepare the Interior: Remove everything possible from the interior, so you don’t have any surprises in the spring

Do-It-Yourself (DIY):

Man Working on BoatMy first observation about DIY’ers is sometimes they just don’t do it, which means they took the boat out of the water and never fully winterized the boat. Which leads to the possibility of catastrophic failure in the spring. So, if you're going to do it… Make sure you really do it right.

DIY’ers also need to consider their time, sure you can save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself, but that doesn’t pay off in the spring if you have thousands of dollars in damage.

Remember to follow all the steps, and eliminate any oversights that could cause significant damage, such as not filling the oil correctly, or not making sure the filter was tight enough.

Rocket SceniceTips for DIY’ers

  1. Start early and prepare to spend a full day winterizing your boat
  2. Don’t skip any steps, make sure you drain and replace all fluids, regardless of how often you used the boat this year.
  3. Make sure you fix any problems on the boat. If you put it away with issues in the fall, the same issues are going to be there in the spring.
  4. Pay as much attention to the interior and exterior of the boat. Make sure everything is removed for the interior, and that the boat is well covered or wrapped to keep out the snow, rain, and leaves.

The Winterization process isn’t rocket science, rather it’s just a lot of steps that need to be done correctly to make sure you have a successful launch in the spring. If you put it away with issues in the fall, the same issues are going to be there in the spring.

About Bridge Marina:

Bridge Marina provides the most thorough winterization service on Lake Hopatcong-far more than just the "basic drain and cover" service. And, every winterization receives the Lake's ONLY 75+ point boat-engine-trailer inspection and report. We utilize Mercury/Quicksilver/Volvo fluids and parts, -100º F antifreeze products, and heavy-duty shrink wrap materials.

Couple our unparalleled service with our competitive pricing, and you've found the best winterization value around! Questions about our winter service? Call us at (973) 663-1976 today!

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