Behind the scenes of the LHF’s HAB response

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LHF | By Jess Murphy:An August 2019 meeting hosted by the LHF, with the Lake Hopatcong Commission, Greenwood Lake, Deal Lake, and scientists to discuss shared experiences and efforts.

As everyone likely knows, this summer’s Harmful Algal Bloom advisory on Lake Hopatcong was unprecedented territory for the lake community, and caused a lot of frustration and heartbreak for lake residents, visitors, and especially business owners.

The Lake Hopatcong Foundation has been working behind the scenes to respond to the situation, to be part of solutions that reduce the likelihood of such a bloom taking place on the lake again. Good work is coming out of the work sessions with the Lake Hopatcong Commission and the four lake mayors, where the group has been prioritizing projects, establishing areas of collaboration, and identifying sources of funding. In September, we will be meeting with a host of state and federal officials as well.

This week, we hosted a meeting with representatives from the Lake Hopatcong Commission, the Deal Lake Commission, and the Greenwood Lake Commission, as well as several lake scientists. It was a collaborative effort that will someday, we hope, grow to include all of the leading public lakes in the state, giving our collective group a stronger and more effective voice when working with the DEP and Trenton.

Also this week, a film team from NBC Weekend Today visited to get a first-hand look at our situation at Lake Hopatcong. Although you never know how these stories will look when they air, we were encouraged they spent all day here, toured the lake, and heard from an assortment of voices around the lake community.  The segment is scheduled for September 15th. (And if you didn’t already see it, we released our own video about Lake Hopatcong a few weeks ago as well.)

Though many of these efforts are still in the early stages, we are optimistic that we will go into 2020 with some excellent projects underway and momentum toward positive changes for the lake and the state. We’ll continue to keep you posted on what we’re up to and how you can help! In the meantime, enjoy the home stretch of summer and have a lovely holiday weekend.

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