Lake Hopatcong Commission Meeting – Residents Still Demand Answers

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Fifty Lake Hopatcong residents jam the Lake Hopatcong Commission Meeting to demand answers on the current status of the Harmful Algae Blooms and what will be done in the future.

As the Lake Hopatcong Commission tried to get back to their 1-hour meeting formats at the standard meeting location of the Lake Hopatcong Foundation Offices, the two provided Public Q&A sessions provided were again monopolized by residents demanding answers and challenging both the status quo and some of the answers already provided.

LHC MeetingRecap MovieCoverSeveral areas of new information also became available regarding the Mayors of the four towns uniting and starting to work on plans, pilots and shared responsibility for the future efforts that need to take place for Lake Hopatcong.

Hopatcong Lake Regional News will once again publish a series of articles on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, to help you further understand what happened at the meeting, and what we learned.

Until then, we leave you with the Mayor of Hopatcong, who summed up some of the frustration many residents were feeling.

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