NJ DEP Update on Lake Hopatcong – Aerial Shots Improve – Too Soon to be Optimistic

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On 07/17/2019 the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) posted the most recent aerial photo (above) of Lake Hopatcong that shows vast improvement in the harmful algae blooms.

Too Soon to be Optimistic:

Unfortunately, the water testing at the following locations did show the improvement, with four of the nine locations tested showing higher than acceptable limits (less than 20,000).

Listing of Testing Results:

  • Hopatcong State Park Levels: 35,000 (Down from 46,000)

  • Mid-Lake Level: 19,000 which is acceptable (Down from 41,000)

  • Crescent Cove / River Styx Level: 52,000 (UP from 37,000)

  • Henderson Cove Level: 32,000 (UP from 15,000)

  • Byrams Cove Level: 28,000 (Down from 47,000)

  • Indian Harbor Level: 8,000 (Down from 16,000)

  • Davis Cove Mid-Lake Level: 13,000 (Down from 60,000)

  • Prospect Point Level: 10,000 (Same as last testing)
Lake Hopatcong Testing 07-17-2019-Water
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Weather Trend may work Against Us:

As the outbreak occurred on Lake Hopatcong the NJDEP and Princeton Hydro indicated the three weather conditions that help create and encourage the harmful algae blooms.

  1. Warm Waters
  2. Heavy Runoff
  3. Calm Waters

With the forecasted Heat Warning and Thunderstorms over the next four days, these weather conditions may work against us by increasing the harmful algae blooms.

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