Boating is Good for your Health - Cites Bridge Marina

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Need another excuse to go boating? Here you go: it's good for your health!

Bridge Marina (02/27/2019): We came across an interesting article the other day from Boat US titled "Science Says Boating is Good for Health."  We've been working on the water, and helping guests enjoy their time out there, for years now, so this news comes as no surprise to us!

There really is nothing like being close to the water! 

But, it was still an interesting read from the perspective of renowned marine biologist, Dr. Wallace Nichols, who shed some light on exactly how being on the water, on a boat is good for us.  According to Dr. Nichols, "Our heart rates and breathing slow, and people say they feel better and their stress decreases. The sound of water increases blood flow to the brain, inducing relaxation, something we've probably all felt. Even the mere sight of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness. On or around water, our stress hormones dip. We really do feel better when we're on the water." 

Dr. Nichols is also the author of Blue Mind, a New York Times national best-seller,  and has been researching how blue spaces like lakes, rivers, oceans, bays, even creeks and swimming pools affect us.  The blue mind, he says, separates us from the pressures and distractions of life, which he refers to as "red mind." Having a blue mind lessens the stresses of the day and gives us a break from our overstimulated lives. Nichols says that the relationship of a boat to our emotional health has been largely overlooked, until recently.

If you're a boater, none of this is news to you... you get it.  But it is quite interesting to read some science to back up what we already know!

For the full article, head on over to the Boat US website by clicking here.

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