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You can make a difference as a volunteer for the biggest event on Lake Hopatcong

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On May 12th, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation will host the 5th Annual Lake Hopatcong Block Party.  This is the biggest event around the lake, and you can volunteer to help make it a success.

Through your volunteer services, you will:

  • Be part of the largest event around the lake
  • Help improve Lake Hopatcong for all
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Make a difference in your community  

Volunteer Positions Available:

There are volunteer opportunities available greeting and parking the Block Party attendees, assisting the vendors, and other opportunities in other varied areas - with a huge need in the very early morning shift.

Volunteers are matched to their position based upon expertise and the timeframe you have available.

As you volunteer, the Lake Hopatcong Foundation will work with your Schedule, as they have two- to four-hour shifts on the day of the Block Party.

This is the Biggest Event Around the Lake:

So as this “Can't-Miss Event” is happening, we ask you to challenge yourself, and your friends to Volunteer to help the community, and help guide the 3,000 plus attendees to their rightful places. This is a satisfaction that you will carry-forward for a lifetime.

What attendees have to say about the Volunteers:

“The volunteers’ reputation among vendors and guests is very high,” said Event Coordinator Lee Moreau, an LHF volunteer, himself. “All the feedback we get is that the volunteers are exceptional.”

“Our job, every year, is to maintain our volunteers’ reputation, so we do our best to give them all the training and support they need,” said Moreau, noting that volunteers are urged to attend an evening training session before the event. 

“We’re so grateful for having community members who so generously share their time, skills and expertise with us,” said Donna Macalle-Holly, acting executive director of the LHF. “When you volunteer for the Block Party you meet new people and experience a great community-building event on the lake.”

To sign up as a Block Party volunteer, visit https://lakehopatcongfoundation.org/call-for-block-party-volunteers. 

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