Behind the scenes at the Lake Loop 2017: 2.5 Mile Paddle Event

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For the third year the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) will be bringing back the ever popular Paddle for LHF Lake Loop 2017. To get the inside information we spoke to Steve Kazimir, Ed Craviolo and Larry Orlans who are the three key volunteers that run the Paddle Event.

What is the Paddle Event?

Exactly as the name indicates, it’s a relaxing on the water experience where enrolled participants will paddle around a well-marked 2.5-mile course at their own speed, as this is not a timed event and everyone is encouraged to take it at their own pace. You can use can use kayaks, paddleboards or canoes. And if you don’t own one, you can rent them for just $30.00 through the registration process.

PaddleAccording to volunteer Steve Kazimir who is an avid paddler and has helped run this portion of the event for three years, “This is not a race, you don’t need to be an athlete to participate in the LHF Lake Loop, it’s a very casual event that is a lot of fun for everyone. The course is well mapped with buoy’s and plenty of assistance each step of the way!”

Ed Craviolo, fellow 3rd year volunteer and an avid paddler added, “This event gives people who have never been on the lake the ability to experience the beauty of Lake Hopatcong. And, for people who have never kayaked before, it gives you the ability to experience being on the water and what the sport is all about. I enjoy seeing the people where this is their first time on the water, and while they are nervous as they start out, they return filled with excitement on what a great experience it was on the water.”

Larry Orlans, also a 3rd year volunteer. "I would do anything to support the lake.  I have been involved with the Lake Hopatcong Foundation since it started and I think that the things they are doing for the lake community are great. I enjoy boating and volunteering for the LHF so it's great that there are ways that I can volunteer for the LHF on my boat. It's great to see people out kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding at the Lake Loop to get fit for the lake."

What to Expect in this Event:

Enrolled participants can expect the following:

  • Paddling starts at 12:00 PM, but you can start anywhere up to 2:00 PM as the course closes at 3:00 PM
  • The course normally takes about 30 minutes of the average paddler
  • Logistics:
    • Off-Loading Service: The LHF Lake Loop Team will help you off-load your craft and bring it to the water, if you are using your own craft.
    • Boat Wash: All Crafts are washed in a mild water and bleach solution to ensure that no evasive species enter Lake Hopatcong.
    • Safety Check: To ensure you have life-preservers and operating paddles.
    • Event Start: At 12:00 PM, paddlers will get a review of the route, and safety personnel that are on the lake to assist if necessary.
    • Loading Service: Upon completion, paddlers can get assistance with reloading their crafts back on the car.

Safest Place on Lake Hopatcong:

During this event safety is paramount with the LHF, as they will have jet skis on the water to assist and check on everyone. In addition, they will also have a water rescue boat and the Coast Guard Axillary in the water to assist if necessary.