Lake Hopatcong Foundation – Behind the Scenes at LHF Lake Loop 2017

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The Lake Hopatcong Foundation is preparing for yet another major event for the Lake Region, and the Hopatcong Lake Regional News had a chance to catch up with Becky Rubenstein and Jennifer DeWitt to discuss the upcoming LHF Lake Loop 2017.

This exciting annual event includes something for everyone regardless of your physical level, as they feature a 20, 40 or 62-mile scenic bike ride, and/or 1.5 mile or 5K adventure trail run/walk and/or a beautiful paddle on the lake itself. Lake Loopers and their furry friends can also participate in the dog walk option which follows the same 1.5 mile/5K adventure trail.

Event Details for LHF Lake Loop 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017 (times vary according to events)

260 Lakeside Blvd Landing, New Jersey 07850

Presented by Lake Hopatcong Foundation

More Information:

The History behind the LHF Lake Loop:

The brilliant idea for the LHF Lake Loop started with the Mount Arlington Chief of Police Keith Licata, who knew that cyclists looking for a fall ride around the lake.  He suggested that LHF pick up this event, and with the help of LHF President Jessica Murphy who named the event as “Lake Loop” the fund-raising event was born, and was assigned to Becky Rubenstein as the primary coordinator for the event.

With the help of the entire LHF team, including Jennifer DeWitt who acts as the Development Director, the event was born in 2013, and is now in its 5th year under the leadership of Becky Rubenstein and the team from LHF (listed below).

The Planning:

The planning stage for this event lasts for the entire year, as planning starts the day after last year’s event ended. The LHF uses survey information, and personally talking to the participants, to look for enhancements that they can make to improve the 2017 overall event for the participants and the community.

Enhancements for 2017:

  • Addition of Kindness for Christopher Rocks at Lake Loop 2017
  • New sponsorship opportunities

The planning process, includes the involvement of the LHF Board, the four towns, and the Hopatcong State Park, to select the date and to ensure that everything is set for the overall enjoyment of the community.

The Implementation:

This year the LHF is hoping for 400 participants, which shows how successful this event has become within our region.

Becky Rubenstein started the implementation process in January 2017, and she utilizes the following multiple key volunteers that are experts within each of the major events of the event:

  • Davidson, Rob – Run/Walk
  • Summers, John – Run/Walk
  • DeWitt, Jennifer – Dog Walk
  • Puig, Jessica – Dog Walk
  • Palen, Doug – Cycling
  • Wurster, Walter – Cycling
  • Kazimir, Steve – Paddle
  • Orlans, Larry – Paddle
  • Craviolo, Ed – Paddle
  • Breda, Regina – Food
  • Caruso, Judy – Volunteer Coordinator
  • BaRoss, Beth – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Rossi, Lauren – VIP Coordinator

In addition to the Lake Loop activities, Jennifer DeWitt is working on gathering a plethora of sponsors for the event. LHF Volunteer, Regina Breda, is securing food donations from local restaurants. FREE FOOD and drink is offered to the participants throughout the day to help keep them fueled as they participate in multiple Lake Loop activities. 

The Funds Raised:

The LHF uses every dollar raised very wisely to benefit the overall lake community, below are several of the events that you will help fund with your participation.

  1. Keeping Aquatic Invasive Species Out
  2. Lake Hopatcong Trail Route
  3. Education – Learning from the Lake
  1. Safe Dock Numbering Program
  2. Water Quality Improvements
  3. And many other programs and initiatives

How to get Involved:

Join the event of your choice, and if possible, get a group together.  Easily register on the LHF website

Once, registered, you’ll be promoted to create a crowd raising site where friends, family and co-workers can sponsor you to help raise funds for the Lake Hopatcong Foundation.

Current Crowd Raising Status:

The Hopatcong Lake Regional News will be tracking and posting the Crowd Raising status weekly, to give attention to the major contributors to this worth event:

<<< Note: the final article will have links to the LHF sign-up areas, and the crowd raising sites.>>>


Anount Raised

Team Organizer's Photo

Bill Woolley

Amount Raised: $175

Team Organizer's Photo

2017 Team 52

Amount Raised: $50

Team Organizer's Photo

Thomas Lentine

Amount Raised: $50

Team Organizer's Photo

Team Rubenstein

Amount Raised: $25

Team Organizer's Photo

Brownie Rubenstein

Amount Raised: $25

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