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Lake Hopatcong Water Scouts: Volunteer to protect our lake!

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LHF - Water ScoutsThe Lake Hopatcong Water Scouts were established by the Knee Deep Club in 2010 to seek out and remove any instances of the invasive water chestnut species, and the LHF took over the management of the scouts in 2013.

One colony was found by a Water Scout in Landing Channel in 2010 (it was completely removed at that time), and two more outbreaks of the plant were found in 2014 — one near Liffy Island, where more than 150 plants were removed, and a smaller outbreak in the Jefferson Canals. Water ChestnutThose colonies were removed in 2014, but the areas have remained “hot spots” for Water Scouts to scan; more plants were discovered in those locations in 2015 and removed. The threat remains constant, as it has taken over ecosystems in lakes throughout the region, and can be transported to Lake Hopatcong via boats, trailers, water fowl, and other means.

Many thanks to our amazing Water Scouts for protecting our lake!

LHF: Go to our volunteer sign-up page if you are interested in becoming a Water Scout and helping to protect the lake from invasive species.

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