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Four Reasons to attend the LHF 2017 Block Party - #4: The Entertainment

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The Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) Block Party is just 27 days away and represents one of the biggest events on our lake. So to help celebrate the event and help countdown the days here is Reason #4 on why you should attend!

Reason #4: The Entertainment

The LHF team has gone to great lengths to hand pick the following entertainment for this year’s 2017 Block Party, as part of the zillion details they are handling for your day of enjoyment.

Angela Evans DuoAngela Evans Duo:

The Angela Evans Duo is an acoustic band featuring Angela Evans on vocals and Mark Chocolas on guitar. We play an eclectic mix of music from bands and solo performers that cover several decades ranging from rock to pop to country.

-photo provided by Angela Evans Duo


Paddy and the Pale Boys:

"Who is Paddy?" you may ask. "And what exactly are Pale Boys?" Well, they are a band from northern New Jersey, and they are all about passion. A passion for an ancient heritage and a musical tradition of people who knew that each new day brought hardship and that each night was for revelry. The musical tradition was most recently brought to the public's attention by Shane MacGowan and the Pogues. Before they were the fiery Luke Kelly and the Dubliners, the Chieftains and the Clancy Brothers. And before them, well, the list goes on and on. Each breathing new life into old traditions and bringing new audiences to the revelry that is Irish music.

Paddy and the Pale BoysPaddy and the Pale Boys play the traditional songs and music of Ireland and Scotland. Hard-charging with the urgency of a drowning man's last gasp for air. The band features Martin O'Connor, formerly of the legendary Barleycorns, New Jersey's original Celt-rockers. Mike Hoffman, Steve Miller, and Bobby McGee also bring their talents to the Pale Boys line-up.

"This band's not about the politics of Ireland." says the band's founder, Martin O'Connor. "We all have our own views and leave it at that. We're here to put on a show, get people up, having a good time, clapping their hands, stomping their feet, raising glasses and doing bad Irish jigs."

The Pale Boys do not limit their stylings and influences to those of Ireland and Europe. They can easily segue from a jig or polka into a "Hot" Ring of Fire (as it reads in a proudly displayed autographed photo from Johnny Cash to front man Martin O'Connor, describing the band's version of his greatest hit). The band has shown how it can effortlessly move from the Irish folk to American country and back again as easily as they could top off a corned beef and cabbage dinner with a slice of good old apple pie and then wash it all down with a pint of Guinness.

When asked about the crowds that flock to the band's live performances, O'Connor admits that it is surprising. "Our flyers usually arrive the day after the show and e-mails the day of.” How do the audiences know? With a wry smile and a nod of his head, O'Connor says, "If you play it, they will come."

 – photo from Paddy and the Pale Boys Website


Glenn Roberts:

Glenn RobertsGlenn Roberts is a singer, guitar and bass player from New Jersey.  Performing since high school, Glenn has been in a number of popular New Jersey bands and is known for his incredible vocals, having studied at the Vocal Fitness Center in NYC.

The Glenn Roberts Band performs at venues throughout the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania area.  The band performs Country Rock from today’s hottest artists and top hits by Country icons, along with some Southern and Classic Rock.  The result is what we call “Cranked Up Country Rock.”

The band performs Country Rock from today’s hottest artists and top hits by Country icons.  We can tailor our show to whatever your needs may be so that your guests have the best possible time!

– photo by Walter Rodriguez

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