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Lake Hopatcong Foundation Block Party: Is handling a zillion details for your day of enjoyment

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Since the Lake Hopatcong Foundation (LHF) Block Party is only one month away, I decided to check-in with Jennifer DeWitt from LHF to find out how things are progressing, and to also to better understand what goes into managing such a major event.

Jennifer DeWitt, shared with us that she has a long history in Trade Shows and the Theater, so she understands how to handle events like the Block Party that have a zillion different details that need to me managed, “In cases like this, I find is easiest if I start with the actual event and work backwards,” stated Jennifer.

“It all started last fall, as Lee Moreau (the Block Party Coordinator) and I reviewed the past year’s surveys, to understand what overall improvements we can make to enhance the event based on the feedback.”

“For example, this year we are moving most of the food vendors in one area, so everyone can easily review what’s available. You’ll find them in Zone BBC (Basket Ball Court), and we’ll also have seating available in that area. Dunkin Donuts and Jefferson Dairy will remain in the Pavilion for quick grab and go. Also, due to overwhelming demand last year, we expanded our layout to accommodate 229 booth spaces. We are repeating that footprint for this year’s event and those booths are filled with a plethora of businesses, artists, crafters and community groups."

Now that we are closer to the actual date, they have a team of about 12 volunteer captains across the different areas that help with various details within their specific areas of responsibility. This could be anything from Parking, Boat Rides, or helping the Vendors unload and set-up. “These volunteers really help us bring everything together to make sure that this is an enjoyable day for everyone attending.”

According to Jennifer, “Once again this year, we are blessed with a really strong volunteer base as we need at least 150 for the event, and we are happy to say we are really close to our goal. There is something for everyone to do and we always work with the volunteer to help pick the position that is most comfortable for that person.”

Available Parking for 2017:

  • Hopatcong State Park (suggested donation of $6.00)
  • Hopatcong Senior Center
  • Hopatcong Ball Field (above the Sr. Center)
  • Landing Park (New)
  • Old Fresh Emporium Lot (New)

The nearby parking lots are free and have a free shuttle service to and from the Hopatcong State Park. Parking buses run continuously throughout the day.

Groups that are doing Demonstrations in 2017:

  • Knee Deep Club – Trophy Fish
  • An Clár School of Irish Dance
  • Ancient Fighting Arts - Kung Fu
  • Margret Pflug – Children’s Book Reading
  • Jefferson Fire Department - Defender Water Display
  • Roxbury Model Airplane Club

So understanding that we are in good hands under Jennifer and Lee’s leadership, we can all just look forward to attending the big event on May 13, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Hopatcong State Park!

Watch for weekly follow-up articles from the Hopatcong Lake Regional News as we count down the weeks to the LHF Block Party by listing the “Four reasons you must attend!

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