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Jefferson Township Police Department - Hosting its 14th Annual Junior Police Academy!

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The Jefferson Township Police Department is pleased to announce it will be hosting its Fourteenth Annual Junior Police Academy! Applications are now available and must be turned in by May 24, 2017.

During this annual summertime event the Jefferson Police go all out in their hosting of around 70 young cadets for a week long experience of a life-time, as the cadets learn across 18 different key areas that includes everything from Defense Tactics to how to defuse a bomb.

Chief of Police, William CraigAccording to Chief of Police, William Craig. “We do this activity each year to ensure that the youth see us a friend and a member of the community that they can trust, and at any time they can approach us with a question or problem they are having. This is just part of what we do in our community outreach activities to make sure that we are serving the public. In the best possible way.”

In addition, Craig stated, “The class of 2016 of 78 is larger than we normally take, but we were just unable to turn anyone away, since this is such an important part of what we do in our community efforts. Once we announce the course each year, we are immediately flooded with applications for students that want to participate in the Junior Police Academy.

We already have a success story in that “Matthew Johnson” who was a cadet in the first year of this event, recently joined the Jefferson Police force. He is a welcome addition to the force, and already has his values firmly in place based upon his past training.


Officer HaleDuring the 13th Annual Junior Police Academy. Officer Hale who graduated from Jefferson High School was the primary person in charge, as he led the training and ensured that everything was top-notch throughout the week-long training. Throughout the week he boldly instructed the members of the Junior Police Academy in their PT activities, and enforced what is right for Junior Police Academy cadets, such as honesty, honor and not taking drugs or participating in other illegal activities.


13th Annual Junior Police Academy Major Activities were:

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Drunk Driver Simulator

  • Firearms Safety

  • SERT

  • Bomb Squad

  • JTFD Jaws of Life

  • Morris County Police Academy

  • Morris County Jail

  • Juvenile Detention Center

  • Atlantic Air One

  • Shooting Range

  • Morris County Mounted Unit

  • Drug Prevention

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