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Jefferson Rescue Squad Auxiliary – Ensures your Safety & Life through their Hard Work!

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The Hopatcong Lake Regional News team had a chance to sit down with two of the Auxiliary’s officers to gain a better understanding of what they do to help ensure people have the care and attention they need in an emergency situation.

The Auxiliary works alongside the first responders from Jefferson Township Rescue Squad to make sure they have the medicine and equipment to save your life! Patty Bagnall president, and Pat Carroll the Vice President of the Auxiliary, which represents 25 – 30 members. Started over 30 years ago their primary purpose is to raise funds for the Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Life-saving Items purchased through their fundraising:

The medicine and their equipment may very well save your life depending on their fundraising capability, as they help to purchase:

  • Stretchers
  • Life-Saving Equipment
  • Medicine, such as the life-saving drugs like Narcan
  • Important updates to the Ambulances and equipment so they can reach you in time

How do they raise these funds?

  1. Book Drop-off Center, where community members can drop off books 7/24, which books that have the standard ISPN barcode number.
  2. Garage Sale every other year this event helps raise $7,000, where everyone donates items for sale, where they sift through everything to get them ready for the public. The biggest item ever donated was a paddle boat.
  3. They also do a 50/50 raffle in September, with tickets starting to sell in June that is a good a fundraiser.
  4. They are also planning a Breakfast Fundraiser, with more information coming soon.
  5. Also, Jefferson Rescue Squad has a Clothing Drop-Off Box that is 7/24

What can we do as a community to help?

  1. Drop off any books in their 7/24 book drop
  2. Always support their 50/50 raffle starting in June of each year
  3. Drop off any unused clothing in the 7/24 drop box
  4. If you are looking to help your community, volunteer  for the Jefferson Rescue Squad or the Auxiliary

Lastly, The Hopatcong Lake Regional News would like to challenge our readers to help this organization through our assistance with the Garage Sale, Since this the most profitable, let’s volunteer to help them collect and sort the items so that they can collect another $7,000  this year!

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