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Jefferson Police: Madison and Emily Poulas win first honors in Police Trading Cards

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On Wednesday, October 12, 2016. Madison and Emily Poulas received awards from the Jefferson Police department as the first to capture and book the entire police based upon their police trading cards.

Junior Woman's Club of JeffersonDeputy Chief Eric WilsusenThis extraordinary event started by Pat Cincotta from the Junior Woman's Club of Jefferson, with assistance from Deputy Chief Eric Wilsusen, as they put 1,000 police trading cards into the hands of the officers.

Local teens were then challenged to collect all 36 cards between the timeframe of August through December, and the winners would get a ride in a police card, ice cream, and a bike cycle helmet.

Madison and Emily are the first to achieve this lofty goal, as they collected all 36 cards!

In an exclusive interview with Madison and Emily, “We started collecting cards from the beginning, as a fun way to get to know everyone.” “And to get a ride in a police car.” Emily quickly added. “At first it was a little intimidating to approach the officers, but after we got to know them, we’d stop by after soccer practice to see which officers were working.” “In order to help with our collection efforts, we also created an Excel spreadsheet, and numbered each card carefully as we collected them.”

Tim McBrideBoth Madison and Emily stated that “Officer Lt McBride was the hardest one.”  While Madison and Emily don’t like to use the word stalk, they definitely had to track him down through phone calls and e-mail before finally capturing his card.

As expected with teens, this organized both Madison and Emily have already clear thoughts on their future careers. Madison, “I’m seeking to be either a Teacher or based my debating abilities maybe a Lawyer.” On the other hand, Emily states. I’m going for a future in Athletics.”

As we discussed this project with their mother Stacy Poulas, “This took a lot of effort on their part, I’m very proud of their accomplishment, and what they have learned. In one instance, we came to the office on a day where the police force had several emergencies, and none of the offices were present. So, they were able to observe this situation as well.”

In closing, Madison and Emily stated. “If you do a crime in our area, think about the consequences beforehand, as you will get caught.”

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