Sad News - Jefferson Township Cancels Summer Gazebo Concerts

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Just as we start the reopening process around Lake Hopatcong Jefferson Township has officially canceled the best Free Concerts around the lake called the Summer Gazebo Concerts.

While NJ Governor Murphy is easing into Phase 2 of slowly reopening the state this month amid the Covid19 pandemic,  it appears highly unlikely that municipalities and groups such as the Jefferson Arts Committee will be able to move forward with their plans for summer concerts.  

Based on the maximum allowable number of 25 people for an outdoor gathering currently in effect, the JAC clearly cannot proceed with this restriction in place.    Further, since JAC's attendance usually ranges between 100 to 150 people, social distancing guidelines would be impossible to meet in staging the 2020 concert schedule.  

At this time, an indoor venue cannot even be considered as the indoor maximum capacity of a space currently remains at 10 people resulting in so many entertainment venues being required to remain closed. 

Therefore, due to these extenuating circumstances everyone finds themselves in, the JAC’s full 2020 Jefferson Township Summer Gazebo Concert Series is being canceled.   The Arts Committee is extremely disappointed as they know the community will be, they eagerly await additional updates from the Governor, and they will keep in touch if any changes develop.

Looking forward to better days filled with music and dancing in Jefferson Township's beautiful outdoor gazebo setting!

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