Resourceful Jefferson Resident – Utilizes 3-D Printing for Protective Gear for JT Rescue Squad

Left to Right: Jim Sutton shown with Chief Albie Garcia

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Jim Sutton who is a 20-year member of the Jefferson Township Rescue Squad is utilizing his 3D-Printer to start making much needed protective gear for the local first responders, and by sharing his story hopes others will follow.

Jim Sutton PrinterJim who has a 3D printer for his home and describes it as something that’s not a big deal, “one of the lest expensive on the market.” Has been turning out protective face shields that he is first donating to his own Jefferson Township Rescue Squad, and then branching out to other first responders such as the Police Department.

“I want to make it clear; I didn’t invent this… The plans are online… I’m just using what I have available to me to make a difference, and I’m hoping others will also follow suit.” Stated Jim

Jim Sutton In1“The rescue squad does not have any shields like this (that I am aware of). I also plan to try making respirator masks with replaceable HEPA filter elements.”

Using plans found online, Jim uses the 3D Printer to create the top and bottom structure of the shield and then punches the front mylar material with a three-hole punch and snaps the entire shield together. The entire process takes about four hours, which is dependent on the model and speed of printer used.

“Once again, with most schools and some homes having 3-D printers, I hope that others will jump-in and help out their community.”

Volunteer First Responders – Short-handed

Jim Sutton In2Jim also offered that volunteer groups that are first responders (EMS/Fire) are shorthanded right now due to workers being out sick, or family issues that may require no outside contact, and you should contact your local group to see if you can help.

There are many ways you can help your local group that doesn’t require specialized training, so now is the time to step forward if possible.

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