Jefferson Township Fire Department #1 – Train on Car Fires

Jefferson Township Fire Department practices on car fire simulator

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On February 25, 2020 members of Jefferson Township Fire Department (JTFD #1) attended the Fire academy to practice on the car fire simulator to stay sharp.

These drills will allow JTFD to continually work together and focus on best practices. These drills are very important to the JTFD members for both safety and knowledge, they were also accompanied by Milton First Aid Squad to help with rehab and health checks during the drill.

Dangers of a Car Fire

There are several common risks for first responders associated with electric vehicle fires:

  • Electrical shock (up to 400 volts).
  • Extremely high temperatures and thermal runaway.
  • Toxic fumes.
  • Lithium burns (respiratory and skin reactions).
  • Toxic runoff.
  • Reignition up to 24 hours after initial extinguishment.

Vehicle manufacturers continue to push technology to levels that are far more complicated each year. In addition to that standard flammable liquids in fuel, engine lubricants and tires there are battery operated cars and new materials that increase the flame intensity and increased smoke production.

Recent Example:

Car Fire Training In1At approximately 3:30pm 2/20 JTFD1 and JTFD2 were dispatched to a Structure/Garage fire on Skyler Ct. Arriving on scene JTFD1’s Engine 724 assisted by Engine 722 and Tanker 723 noticed a fully engulfed auto in the garage of the home. The teams quickly went to work and made entry into the garage and immediately extinguished the car saving the structure from any extension outside the garage. Rescue 725 Milton Squad were also on scene. JTFD2 was able to standby with an Engine for extra assistance. No one was injured and the issue is still under investigation.

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