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Jefferson Township Police – Make sure your House Number is prominently displayed

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After several issues with first-responders being able to quickly find the right location, the Jefferson Township Police Department has sent out the following reminder to residents.

"Help us help you!! We are asking residents to ensure that their house number is prominently displayed on the front of every residence. This helps emergency services to quickly locate homes in the event of an emergency. There have been several instances recently where township emergency services had to waste time searching for homes that were not marked. Additionally, should emergency services be needed, we ask residents, if possible, to unlock the front door and at night to leave outside lights on."

Importance of Visible House Numbers:

Every house has an assigned identifying number that displays your home address. Although these numbers are important for the mailman and guests visiting you, house numbers are crucial for emergency personnel when responding to the location of an emergency.

When 911 is called to report an incident or emergency, dispatchers receiving the call have a key job to do by determining where the emergency is taking place. The call takers must then relay the location to the proper emergency responder such as law enforcement, the fire department, or ambulance. While emergency personnel are responding to the location of the incident, they are relying on accurate information from the dispatcher to ensure that they are going to the correct address.

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