Lake Hopatcong did have rare High Voltage Event – According to JCP&L

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The Lake Hopatcong section of Jefferson Township did have a rare High Voltage Event in October that was caused by scheduled maintenance and the failure of two system control devices, based upon the investigation from JCP&L.

On 11/4/2019, Mayor Eric Wilsusen, Business Administrator Debra Millikin, OEM Coordinator Ed Mangold and The Peaks President Jeff Oster met with representatives from JCP&L concerning a high voltage incident that occurred in the early morning hours of October 14th.

Many residents of The Peaks, Water Village, and Venetian Drive area reported numerous electrical surge protectors, and other electrical and electronic equipment was damaged. Also, fire units were dispatched to a few homes for a smell of smoke.

After an investigation by JCP&L, it was determined that a high voltage situation did occur during a scheduled distribution upgrade at the Wharton transmission station. Two system control devices did fail, which would have normally regulated this event. According to JCP&L officials this was a very rare event. Both controls have since been corrected and/or are in the process of being upgraded.

During the meeting, we were also briefed on the JCP&L Reliability Plus program, which is part of an ongoing system upgrade and improvement program. This includes an enhanced tree trimming program. JCP&L is expected to spend approx. $400,000.00 in Jefferson Township alone with this program.

Enhanced smart fuses called TripSavers are being installed throughout the community to improve reliability. TripSavers will detect if a fault on the line is cleared. Numerous outages are caused by animals and tree branches that clear on their own. The TripSaver will prevent a momentary outage from becoming a sustained outage. These incidents are the cause of a large portion of outages over the power system. Power can be restored much quicker with this device.

Anyone who may have been affected by the October 14th event is advised to contact the JCP&L Claims Department at 1-800-662-3115. It was also recommended that during this type of event to shut the main power breaker off from the home electrical panel to help prevent any further electrical damage.

Residents are also advised to check any electrical equipment that they may not regularly use during this time of year such as pools and hot tubs and other outdoor equipment.

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