State Conducting Prescribed Burns Today in Jefferson Township

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The State Forest Fire Service has announced it will be doing prescribed burns today in a wooded section of Jefferson Township, at Camp Jefferson, to reduce undergrowth and other forest floor materials that have the potential to fuel wildfires.

The Fire Service, which is a branch of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced this week, has targeted eight acres at Camp Jefferson.

Forest Fire Service personnel use best management practices and follow a plan to control smoke impacts during the burns, but nearby residents and visitors may see large plumes of smoke and may experience temporary impacts from smoke.

Firefighter watching a controlled burnFirefighter watching a controlled burn - Photo by James Douglas

The Forest Fire Service can protect property, lives and infrastructure by creating defensible space and strategic fire breaks near developed areas, according to Greg McLaughlin, Chief of the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.

“These prescribed burns help prevent wildfires, reduce the intensity of these fires, and provide a foundation for safer, more effective fire suppression and protection operations,” said McLaughlin.

Prescribed burns, also known as controlled burns, can help keep forest ecosystems healthy by improving wildlife habitats, managing competing species of plants and trees, controlling insects and disease, and recycling important nutrients into the soil.

Motorists are also reminded to use caution when approaching areas where prescribed burns are taking place.

Contact one of the State Forest Fire Service’s three Division office at to learn more about the prescribed burns program and where burns are expected to be conducted.

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