Jefferson Township Mayor Wilsusen – Outlines Lake Issues & What’s being done

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As many of our residents are aware, we have had a pretty wet spring, wet year for that matter! Unfortunately, these conditions have posed a problem with our area lakes and in particular Lake Hopatcong.

FROM THE OFFICE OF THE MAYOR - Eric F. Wilsusen - Summer 2019

By now most have heard and know that an advisory has been issued by the NJDEP advising no contact with water on Lake Hopatcong due to a harmful algal bloom (HAB). This initial advisory has caused quite a bit of confusion. While it is recommended not to swim in the lake, there is no enforcement action that currently can be taken if anyone decides to take the risk on their own. Our lake area business are obviously suffering since the advisory as many included our regular boaters are avoiding the lake. Let’s be clear, the lake is not closed and is open for business especially for boating.

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Jefferson Township Mayor: Seeking $65 million for Sewers:

MJ MovieDuring the July 22, 2019 special meeting of the Lake Hopatcong Commission Jefferson the Mayor was very open on what needed to be done, beyond what is shared in this article.

Jefferson is currently not on sewers, and they are seeking funding to help with the project. According to a study in 2002 the cost with be $65 million. Jefferson has done septic management, but that is not the long term solution.

Addition from Hopatcong Lake Regional News:

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After many meetings and some back & forth with some members of the Town Council, the 2019 Municipal Budget was finally adopted. This will allow us to move forward with my administration's projects which include road paving in our Lake Stockholm area, the completion of paving in our White Rock area. We will begin a pilot program this year called micro paving or cape seal on the Windjammer Drive, Lighthouse Circle & Topsail Drive area.

This is a maintenance process that helps preserve the road, once completed it looks and performs like a newly paved road and is 1/3 the cost of asphalt. It is a good application for our secondary roads. It starts out as an oil and stone layer, and an asphalt slurry or a micro pave is applied., here is a video of the process. If we like the results, we will expand it next year in hopes of getting more road miles in better condition. We hope to complete road paving before the start of school. We also will be performing some drainage, curbing, and paving improvements in the East Shore, Millburn, and Spring Street area.

As part of a grant and a project that began last year, a portion of Brady Road was paved and drainage improved, the second half will be completed this fall. Also, a carryover project, Milton Road drainage, and paving was completed

Included in my budget and as part of my campaign agenda is to be a more efficient and transparent local government. We are in the process of implementing a new municipal management software to better track work orders, resident requests, inspections, and access to public records, among other things. We have also begun the process of implementation of a new township webpage that will better serve our residents. Both projects are expected to be completed by the end of the year. Also as part of my agenda in cooperation with the Town Council an ordinance change was adopted making the Economic Advisory Board a Mayoral board, nine members have been appointed, and we had our first meeting on July 2nd and will continue to do so the 4th Tuesday of each month starting in September. My administration has also been working hard on a long term strategic plan for everything from capital improvements, road & infrastructure improvements, etc. that I hope will be a road map for the future of the municipality. The biggest request I have gotten so far is for road paving; I hope this plan will help guide us going forward.

Just a little snippet of what we are working on, my administration is working hard to better serve our residents. More to come!

Enjoy the warmer weather!

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