GoFundMe: Formisano Children Fund

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Tragedy struck the Formisano-Solaro family this week leaving two beautiful, innocent children to grieve their mother, Christie Solaro's, death and their father, John Formisano, who has been charged with her passing. 

Rachel and Ryan and wonderful children who are blessed to have a strong network of family and friends to help care for them.  Everyone is doing all they can do for the children' transition to this new life considering the circumstances.

GoFundMe Page

Last night we were able to get access to the house and stuffed as many black bags with the children's clothing, toys, medication and kitchen utensils we could.  They are with family and are surrounded by the most important thing they can have, love.

These children have a rough road ahead.  We are raising money to help offset the costs of relocating the children, setting up their new living situation, and providing a financial foundation for their future needs.

Update by Miko Velez, Organizer:

Absolutely overwhelmed by the response and support being given. I have tons of messages and emails to return to so give me a few to get back to you. To answer a few questions:
  1. Some are asking who I am and my relation to the family. Johnny and I were partners on the police department. We graduated the academy together. He has been an integral part of my life for nearly 25 years. I am running this campaign along with Marsha. Marsha is Rachel’s godmother. I have opened a separate account just for these funds. These monies are strictly for the children’s needs: clothing, furniture, home repairs for their rooms, entertaining them, tuition, etc.

  2. I am waiting for information regarding services for Christie. As soon as I hear from the family I will share them here.

  3. This is a trying time and very sensitive. The children are staying with their uncle. There are son many logistics involved. Many of Christie’s friends from White Rock have asked to see the children or if anything can be done. As soon as the dust settles, more information will be forthcoming.

  4. Johnny’s mother is 77 with onset dementia. She was awoken at 5am and found out what was going on by way of a search warrant. She is understandably confused. She is widowed and only has one child. We are seeing to her needs and have her seeking refuge with a friend. The media had been at the door like vultures. She needs her rest and we are trying to do what we can for her.

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