Pizza Wars 2019 – Frank’s Pizza Route-15 in Lake Hopatcong

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As we continue our support of the Pizza Wars 2019 that benefits the “Lake Hopatcong Foundation,” our news team continued eating our way around the lake to personally visit each participating Pizza Place as we join our readers in the Quest for the Best.

Our Ninth Visit was to Frank’s Pizza on Route-15 in Lake Hopatcong

Frank’s Pizza located at 725 State Route 15 South, 2255, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, offers a great comfortable dining room that was decorated in the typical Italian style of bright colors with lots of reds and white accents.

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Their menu offers a great combination of Dinners, Sandwiches, Entrée Selections, Pizza and Calzones to just a few items off the menu.

Our Team's Review:

The team stopped in for the lunchtime at about 1:30 PM and needed to wait about five minutes for a table, as this is a very popular local spot for lunch. We were seated next to Don and Stacy we said, “We eat here at least once a week, and we recommend the “Buffalo Chicken Pizza.” So the team decided to take this recommendation and ordered two pizzas for the team of four.  

The service of drinks was super-fast, and the pizza’s arrived in less than 20-minutes. “WOW, what a great recommendation for the locals. The pizza was popping with flavor from the mix of buffalo chicken, sauce and the parmesan cheese. The team thought that this some of the best pizza we have ever tasted, and we highly recommend Frank’s on RT-15 if you are in the area.

Pizza Wars 2019What readers had to say about Frank’s Pizza on Route-15:

  • Best food around
  • Hey, we had a made to our liking. They do a fantastic job here. Pls check them out
  • Their chicken fajita and their buffalo chicken slices are amazing! We were blown away by the amazing flavors that after slices we had to get more.
  • Pizza is always good!Great local spot.I tend to get the spinach and artichoke pie.It's delicious, something not many pizza places make!
  • I frequent Frank's Pizza a few times per week. They have the absolute best pizza I have ever had here, and when I bring friends to this establishment, they agree 100%. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.
  • Holy Bageezes!!!This place is the mother lode for pizza!! East Coast pizza is the best!!
  • Best tasting pizza around
  • Delicious food great prices and friendly people
  • Love their buffalo chicken pizza.
  • Great variety and their artichoke pizza is my favorite
  • Delicious and fast
  • Freshness and quality of ingredients
  • Great sauce and crust.Friendly staff
  • It's just better than the rest, top quality ingredients
  • Taste, it's all about the taste
  • Their pizza is just like what I grew up with down the shore
  • They have the best pizza in this area

Stay tuned as we visit the rest of the Pizza Places in our mutual Quest for the Best

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