Pizza Wars 2019 - Vinny & Son Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Lake Hopatcong

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As we continue our support of the Pizza Wars 2019 that benefits the “Lake Hopatcong Foundation,” our news team continued eating our way around the lake to personally visit each participating Pizza Place as we join our readers in the Quest for the Best.

Our Seventh Visit was to Vinny & Son Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Lake Hopatcong

The Vinny & Son Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant located at 215 Espanong Rd, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, is a full Italian Restaurant that also serves Pizza, but make no doubt about it… First and foremost, they are a full Italian Restaurant that sticks to the things that bring fame to the Italian way of doing things.

The menu was one of the most comprehensive that we’ve seen on our Pizza Wars 2019 tour. They serve full Dinners of Chicken, Veal, and Seafood with multiple choices of sauce and pasta. The menu than continues into Pizzas, Salads, Appetizers, Cold & Hot Sub’s, Calzones and Wraps to name just a few items off the menu.

Our Team's Review:

We visited Vinny & Son Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant during a weekday noon rush hour and wondered if anyone was left in town, as everyone seemed to be here in the Restaurant. We took one of the last tables of four and placed our order immediately. It quickly became apparent that they are staffed for this size of a crowd, as the service ordering and delivery of the food was very fast.

We all were enticed by the dinners, so we ordered Chicken and Seafood dishes, with Zucchini and Mozzarella Sticks as the appetizers.

The portions of food were large and full of the meat or seafood that we ordered. They don’t skimp on the portion size or the amount of base meat within the dinner. The pasta was perfectly done (we believe it is homemade), and the different sauces were outstanding. Truly a lunch to remember.

What readers had to say about Vinny & Son Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant as they Voted:

  • I prefer the taste. They also have a better selection of toppings for customers.
  • Everything they make is GREAT! It’s Gods Nectar!
  • Friendly staff and great service. They will put any toppings that you want on your pizza!
  • Pizza is the best around hands down. Service is quick, friendly, and prices are great!
  • Owners are AWEsome so is the food!
  • Just great food all around... & service w/ a smile!
  • It's like having a home cooked meal
  • Vinnie & Son has been at this "out of the way" location for so many years!  It must have been a struggle early on.  It is so nice to see how busy they are now.  It proves that if you consistently use quality ingredients and give good service people will notice, they will know it's worth the trip for a delicious pie,  and you will succeed. 
  • Whenever we dine in the cooks and waitresses are VERY nice towards ! Cannolis are superb! Pizzas always fresh and hot when delivered too!
  • My daughter says it’s the “best cheese pizza in the whole wide world” and insists on bringing our family from town here for lunch when they visit. :)
  • Renovated last year, the place looks great & the staff is SUPER friendly!

Stay tuned as we visit the rest of the Pizza Places in our mutual Quest for the Best

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