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Jefferson: Vote for Malloy and Helmstetter

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I am a resident of Jefferson Township, my name is Patricia Terhune Anfora and I agree with everything that is written in the attached document. I also am adding that as Treasurer of the Jefferson Township Democratic Committee, my interactions with these two Council candidates have only been through the committee.

Photo by Jefferson Chronicle: I am impressed with both of their concerns and commitment to the residents of Jefferson. Dan and Doug have given me many reasons to cast my vote in their favor.They are intelligent, they are observant, they listen and above all, they care about others.

Please take note that I am a registered Democrat. I am not happy with the response from the Township about early placement of signs by the Republican Party. I was told that there was "nothing that they could do about it" because the "Town law conflicts with the State law."

I call BS! So I tolerated looking at their signs, upon entry into my neighborhood since August 25, 2018. Since then , some of our signs have been removed?? I am convinced that such childish antics will not dissuade voters.

There are DEMOCRATS that live in Jefferson folks and they will not be quiet any longer. I am disappointed that the Republican candidates have chosen to turn down an opportunity to debate Dan Malloy and Doug Helmstetter.

Take my word for it..they will make a difference because they want a better life for ALL of us in Jefferson, not just for a chosen few. Please consider casting your vote in their favor.

I am also endorsing Congressional candidate, Mikie Sherrill-hands down!! From the moment I met her, I knew that she was special. She looks at you , listens and responds. Mikie hears your concerns and will do whatever she can to change things in our state and our country. I trust my life in her hands.

That's how sure I am her her integrity. I have also voted for Senator Menendez,his voting record for the people is impeccable. Shala Gagliardi for County Clerk , perfect candidate. Mary Dougherty , Rupande Mehta and Richard Corcoran for Freeholders because I trust them all. I have met them all, listened to them and concluded that they CARE about us! I have already delivered my ballot to the county clerk's office because in the Primary, my write-in,( along with some other Democrats ) vote, was not recorded.

It's bad enough the Russians are against our right to vote, let alone our own neighbors?? My last vote was a write in and that is for an exceptional young man for Jefferson Township Board of Education, Mr Dylan Terpstra. He is super intelligent, a great orator and has a great interest in returning this township and our country, to become a place for all of us to work together and live in harmony.

I am Very confidant that he will make great changes for all. Please VOTE on November 6!! I will be a Poll watcher on that day. My eyes will be open and my ears will be tuned in. VOTE! My email is thepilotsmom1@msn.com

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