Local Baseball Team headed to Cooperstown to Gain Kids Scholarships

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The local Hit n Run Sports Center in Lake Hopatcong is once again ensuring that their local athletes have exposure to the top recruiting scouts nationwide as they are headed to Cooperstown.

This event as one of the many for 2019 that help achieve a 98% success rate of helping kids earn academic and sports scholarships worth over $3 million (based upon 2017 graduating team).

Hopatcong Lake Regional News had a chance to sit down with Dena Roberts and Kate Lawton from Hit n Run Sports Center to find out more about the Sports Center and to learn how they achieved such a high scholarship rate for their kids.

High Scholarship Success Rate:

Hit n Run Sports Center has achieved their high Scholarship success rate through several different factors. It first starts with the development of the young athlete skills utilizing the in-depth training provided by Hit n Run Sports Center, which is facilitated by a handpicked team of College and Semi-pro staff members.

Beyond the development of the young athletes playing skills, Hit n Run Sports Center also utilizes a professional college recruiter that will review the young athlete’s goals, both academic, as well as the type of college they are seeking. Based upon the goals being established a plan is put into place to get the young athlete in front of the right scouts and colleges. This is achieved partly through the recruiter’s college contacts and mort importantly by having the team play in major scouting events like the events Ft Myers and Diamond Nation in New Jersey.

Bottom Line:

Hit n Run Sports Center has become the regions premier place to help the young person achieve they’re athletically training while planning to ensure a good education and that they achieve long-term goals. As their mission statement suggests, they are “Helping Young Athletes Become the Best They Can Be!”

How it Started:

“Since the area lacked a Youth Center, we started Hit n Run Sports Center in 2009 to provide a place where kids could go instead of just hanging out. In the beginning, we started small but based upon the high-level of interest we quickly expanded both our facility and our training programs to meet the requirements to ensure success for the young athletes. Our whole mission is to help young athletes be the best that they can be and ensure to the best of our ability they go on to get a college education.” Stated Dena Roberts Co-Owner.

“Over the years we have also expanded the scope of services beyond baseball as we now have Soccer and Softball training occurring at our Sports Center. In addition, our programs now go year-around with Fall Tournaments, Winter Training, Spring Baseball, and Summer Camps. “Added Kate Lawton Operations Manager.


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