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The Junior Woman’s Club of JT and Jefferson Twp. PD are bring back the Police Trading Cards, and they are seeking Sponsors to help.

The Junior Woman’s Club of Jefferson Township partnered with the Jefferson Township Police Department to bring Police Trading Cards to our town in 2016. This has been a very successful program! Each of the officers received their very own collectible trading card, complete with picture, statistics, and personal information, to hand out to local children. This program has been proven to foster positive relationships between police and children, building rapport and trust, which is becoming more and more important in this day and age. The excitement of collecting the cards has given children a reason to approach officers and talk to them, which, in turn, has helped build a bond between our police force and our youth that may otherwise not exist. This program continues into 2018.

Several new officers have joined the Police Department and others need to reorder their cards. As a result, we are looking for 5 more sponsors (small businesses, corporations, groups, individuals, etc.) to donate $100 to give each officer 1000 cards to hand out. Your business/group name will appear on the back of the card.

Please contact Antonella DaSilva at Antanjim@optonline.net if you wish to sponsor an officer or if you have any questions. Together we can help continue this wonderful program!

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