Threat against Jefferson High/Middle School – Just a Rumor

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Jefferson Township School Superintendent Patrick Tierney stepped forward today to dismiss a rumor that the High School or Middle School was being targeted by a student.


According to Jefferson Township School Superintendent Patrick Tierney:

“This message is to inform our parents and guardians regarding several rumors being spread about the school district. In particular, the high school and middle school. On Friday, February 2nd, it was brought to our attention that a student allegedly made a threat against the school. This matter was thoroughly investigated by both the administrative team and the Jefferson Township Police Department.

At this time, we believe this matter is resolved. The Jefferson Township Police determined the threat to be non-credible. I want everyone to know that we take the safety and security of the students and staff extremely seriously. We will continue to keep you updated about allegations and/or rumors that may come and will thoroughly involve our law enforcement in future investigations.”


No additional information as to the nature of the threat or the person(s) responsible are available at this time. Hopatcong Lake Regional News will continue to follow-up with the Jefferson Police Department to learn more and update the article.

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