Jefferson 14th Annual Junior Police Academy – Continues to set the standard for Community Relations!

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Jefferson Township held their annual Junior Police Academy from July 31 to August 4, 2017, where 75 kids learned tough love, teamwork and most importantly, they created a long-lasting positive bond with the Police that will last a lifetime.

According to Chief of Police, William Craig. “We do this activity each year to ensure that the youth see us a friend and a member of the community that they can trust, and at any time they can approach us with a question or problem they are having. This is just part of what we do in our community outreach activities to make sure that we are serving the public. In the best possible way.” Chief of Police, William Craig


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Detective Joseph Kratzel, Community Services Officer ran the overall program this year using a combination of Tough Love, Drill Sergeant and Cheerleader to create the right positive outcome and to create team building across the six squads.

According to Detective Joseph Kratzel, “This year we have made several positive changes, as we added a Rock Climbing Wall and several other team building events. That’s one of our core values is to strive for all Team-Work and organization.”

“The real purpose for this is to bring together a partnership for us and the community, and to help us become closer.”


Jefferson PoliceIn interviewing Joseph Kratzel’s two sons that were in the program for their second year, they stated. ”I just want to get a better understanding of what my father does, and to learn self-discipline. This a great event where we learn a lot, while having fun throughout the process."

As you watched the members of the Junior Police Academy participate in the different team events, you could see them offering suggestions to fellow team mates, and joining in both the winning and losing aspects of each event.

Throughout the week they also learn important aspects on how to handle a firearm to the law enforcement tactics that are used to catch the bad guys. As you watch this positive life-experiences being explained, you can’t help but to see how it’s having a positive experience on the kids.

In addition, as you looked over the crowd, you couldn’t help but notice that there was a equal mixture of Boys and Girls participating in this year’s Academy, which quickly dispels the myth that the Police Academy is just a guy thing.

Add this phenomenal event to the long list of other community events such as, National Night Out, DARE and Trading Cards and you can easily see why Jefferson Township Police set the standard for Community Relations!

Special thanks to Erin Ackerly who provided additional photos from earlier in the week! We are already looking forward to 2018, to see how this improve this already great event.

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