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Jefferson Township High School 2016-2017 Positivity Project

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Jefferson Township High School does something different and unique. Rather than the students commenting on the Teachers, in this case the Teachers told the students how important they are!

Background: Mrs. Papa has created a video project with Mr. Kazanfer, & Mrs. Alkon.  She asked teachers to chose a student or small group of students to whom they wish to express their importance.

On those days when it’s a bit difficult to get to work, who is it that keeps you coming back?  Teachers then chose a group of students, and the students were filmed as the teachers told them how much they appreciate them. Senior Landon Buell edited the presentation.  Be sure to check out this heartwarming presentation.

Regardless of what School system you are from, you need to watch this to see the Students reactions!

Link to Video: https://vimeo.com/212122009

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