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Jefferson High School – Addams Family the Musical (March 31st – April 2nd)

Jefferson News
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Jefferson High School will be entertaining the community with the Addams Family Musical starting this weekend. Seats are assigned so you need to buy advance tickets now, to get the best seating (middle – center is advice of the Artistic Director).

Hopatcong Lake Regional News had the opportunity to go behind the scenes as this production was entering its final week of rehearsals and preparation for the Friday March 31 premiere opening.

For Advanced Ticket Sales: Contact James Wynne - jwynne@jefftwp.org  <<Reserve your Seat Now>>

James Wynne - Artistic Director

James WynneUnder the guidance of James Wynne the Artistic Director for this musical, who has been producing these plays for Jefferson for over 20 years, the selected leads for this production must be able to perform in three different areas:

  1. Ability to Act – Audition in Character
  2. Ability to Dance – Show you have the ability to Dance
  3. Ability to sing – Ability to carry a tune

James admits that the Addams Family Musical is a rather complex production to produce, since it requires all three different areas, but he knew as soon as last summer that his talent pool had the ability to handle the production, and to offer the community a great performance.

“This year we have new sound and lighting and stage drapes, which adds to the overall appeal of the production, but also created a few challenges for us as we needed to make the necessary adjustments. The entire behind the scenes are handled by the students, under the guidance of Mary Anne Cantwell the Production Designer.”

“I feel that this year we are in really good shape and this is going to be one of our best productions yet! People need to come to see this as it’s really going to be fun! This is new different and exciting!”

Set Construction:

Starting in January both the Parents and Students start the set construction based upon plans from James and Mary Anne, and they continue every weekend until it’s completed. "We are lucky to have people that are good in wood-working and have artistic capabilities," Sated James.

Many of these volunteers come back year-after-year to help with the set, regardless if they have kids currently in the school district. For example, this weekend they expected up to 30+ volunteers to help with the set construction. As we watched, this team of Parents and Students worked together as a well oiled-machine on the different details for the set.

Use of Alternating Leads:

James utilizes a unique system, where there may be two different actors for the same major role, which allows more students to participate, and allows for different students to handle different show dates.

Maryann Cantwell - Production Designer:

Maryann serves as the Production Designer who takes James vision for the play, and works with him on the actual blueprint that can be created for the production and stage. As we were on-site during our behind the scenes review, Maryann was the most sought-after person as people needed direction on building, paint and the overall logistics.

Sydney Interview with Sydney Blanchard – Morticia Addams

As a senior and now participating in her sixth production, “I have always selected a role of a strong sassy female in the past, and this year this role really spoke to me and it was something I wanted to do. I thought this would be really fun, and the pest that I’ve done so far.”

In the future, I’m going to major in communication in collage, but still take acting and see where it goes from there.”

Her advice… “I think that people should come to the show, as it’s a fantastic show and people are putting a lot of hard work into it. I think that seeing the show is a super special thing, since you get to see students that really care about what they are doing.”

GomezInterview with Connor Helma – Gomez Addams

“I’ve never done a musical before and I thought this was a great role to go for… I got the soundtrack months before the start of the production, and I thought that Gomez was a really cool crazy character, and something that I would want to play.”

“I watched the old TV show with my Father several times, so I was well aware of the show and the different characters.”

“I really think that people need to some out to the show, as it’s a fun unique show, and it’s one of a kind!”

The Cast:

  • Gomez Addams ... Connor Halma
  • Morticia Addams ... Sydney Blanchard
  • Wednesday ... Lindsey Tarsitano (T & Sat) Hallie Schiavo (F &Sun)
  • Pugsley Addams .... Kyle Welch
  • Lurch ... Victor Schiavo
  • Fester Addams ... Colton Bassett
  • Grandma Addams ... Cara Langner (T & Sat) Brianna Holster (F &Sun)
  • Lucas Beineke ...Yves Turgeon (T & Sat) Bill Wilson (F &Sun)
  • Mai Beineke ... Matt Schlomann
  • Alice Beineke ... McKenna Brown (T & Sat) Dana Miller (F &Sun)

Credit where Credit is due:

Production Staff

  • Artistic Director : Mr. James Wynne
  • Choreographer: Ms Beth Nash
  • Production Designer: Mrs. Mary Ann Cantwell
  • Orchestra Preparation: Mr. Richard Barrieres
  • Student Producer: Katie Barone
  • Student Technical Director: Landon Buell
  • Dance Captains: Kaya Snow, Kim Neuschatz

Plus so many others!






The Orchestra: (* denotes student musician)

  • Flute/Piccolo – Kara Majury
  • Flute - Annabelle Del Rosario*
  • Tenor and Soprano Sax - Matt Sluzark*
  • Clarinet and Bass Clarinet - Melanie Feliciano*
  • Clarinet and Alto Sax - Janies Knapik*
  • Violin - Kristine Bartley*
  • Trumpet - Ryan Schmidt*
  • Trombone- Dylan Graham*
  • Cello - Eileen Hahn* (Sparta HS)
  • Keyboard I - Maedean Kramer
  • Keyboard II - Taylor Hine
  • Guitar - George Stritter
  • Bass - Andrew Rosciszewski
  • Drum Set - James Wynne, Jr.
  • Percussion:
  • Dean Gonnella*
  • Jordan Durnal*
  • Mallet Percussion
  • Lyndsi Cortese*



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