This year’s Annual Fashion Show, typically held each spring, had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. This normally provides us with the necessary funds to benefit our scholarships to Hopatcong Area High School Seniors. Our “Plan B” however, is a Holiday 50/50 Raffle that could provide the winner with up to $2,000 just in time for the Holidays!

The Borough of Hopatcong held its Council Meeting on September 16, 2020, through Zoom technology. The following provides key highlights from the meeting and the ability to watch a recording of the entire meeting.

The following is the Hopatcong Land Use Board Meeting that occurred on September 15, 2020, that handled two new applications, discussed the sale of Hudson Maxim School, and several areas of new and old business. It was surprising during the meeting that the initial buyers of the Hudson Maxim School walked away from the deal (no reason given), and that the sale of the building is back to square one. As stated below, Councilmember Richard Schindelar is looking to assist wherever possible.

CORRECTION: The date of this event changed to the 26th to allow for a football high school football scrimmage starting at 6:00 PM on the 25th.

The trouble-making offspring of villainous Disney characters get a chance at redemption when they are freed from the forbidden Isle of the Lost and allowed to attend a prep school for the first time alongside of the teen descendants of Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan in this Disney Channel Original Movie.

The Borough of Hopatcong did an outstanding job of reminding us of what happened on 9/11 through the different speakers that covered living through the 9/11 event, the Multiple Heroes that lost their lives, and remembrance from Councilmember Dawn Roberts on the loss of life after the event.

The Administration on Aging reports that families are the major provider of long-term care. At the same time research shows that caregiving exacts a heavy emotional toll. Almost fifty percent of all caregivers are over the age of 50, making them more vulnerable to a decline in their own health. Studies have also shown that counseling and support services can reduce caregiver stress to help them cope more effectively with their responsibilities.

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