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Tuesday, February 28th is Rare Diseases Day.  This event is celebrated globally on the last day in February since its European inception in 2008.

Here at Hopatcong High School, the students, staff and administration have joined hands to help raise the awareness of rare diseases in our towns, communities, states and country with Daniel Anastasia (and his family) spearheading this important event. 

On February 28th students will be raising the community’s awareness about rare diseases and are attempting to raise funds for future research studies by having a “District-Wide Jeans Day” on Friday, February 24th.  The money raised will go towards research, treatments and possible cures for rare diseases.  While research is being done more funding is needed.  Many different activities will be performed at Hopatcong High to support Rare Disease Awareness. 

Some of the activities performed will be the:

  1. Signing of a key to research a rare disease listed on the key that is placed around the school
  2. The purchasing of a purple carnation in support of researching Rare Diseases
  3. A district-wide jeans day (with a purple top) where staff donations will be collected and donated for Rare Disease Awareness.  Because research is the “Key” to finding a cure for rare diseases, students will wear a key and research a Rare Disease listed on it to educate themselves about a particular disease.   

A rare disease is a disease or disorder that affects fewer than 200,000 Americans at any given time and does not have a cure.  About 80% of rare diseases have genetic origins while others exist due to infections either bacterial or viral. The most common problem in dealing with rare diseases is a lack of funding for research, which leads to lack of scientific knowledge and quality information on the diseases themselves, resulting in a delay in their diagnoses and often a misdiagnosis.  Because the numbers are low the funding isn’t there.  This is why global awareness is so important. 

Please help us support Rare Disease Awareness by showing your support and interest in this very important event!!  Thank you for your help!

The Rare Disease Awareness Committee at Hopatcong High School.

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