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$100,000 Arts Integration Grant Headed to Hopatcong

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On behalf of the Hopatcong Borough School District, Superintendent Cynthia Randina would like to announce that the District has been awarded an Arts Integration Grant in the amount of $100,000.

This specific Arts Integration Grant is highly competitive, with only ten awarded throughout the State. Participation in the Grant requires that Hopatcong Borough School District serves as a model for arts integration demonstration in the state.

The Hopatcong Borough School District will establish an arts-integration program for Title 1 students for the purpose of increasing student achievement. The goal of the program, which is focused at Durban Ave. School, is to strengthen writing skills and geometric concepts by using video production as an engaging strategy for teaching and learning. Students will write one-act skits while learning about the performing arts, namely dance and acting.  Students will apply geometric concepts in their design of theatrical sets and actors’ costumes. The skits will focus on concise writing and organization of thought as well as geometry skills. Students’ one-act skits will be broadcasted to classrooms in Durban Ave. School and performed for the community. The district will partner with William Paterson University and the Hopatcong Creative Arts Council. Guest artists, including dancers and actors, will give students dance and acting lessons while sharing information about careers in the arts.

The grant runs from Feb. 23, 2017, to July 31, 2017, after-school and during the summer. Students will have the opportunity to visit theatrical performances, perform skits, practice writing, and math skills, all while embracing the arts as a learning strategy to enhance student engagement.

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