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January has come and gone and we started the year off busy taking 80 calls! Our record over the past 7 years is 82 with an average in January of 77.

So who is already slacking on their new years resolution for working out? Well if you really want to get a workout and get an adrenaline boost come work out with us.

We have an Explorer program for young adults as young as 14 and full members can start at 18. We will work to get you trained as well as work around your availability.

Every hand helps whether it is a driver, first responded, or EMT. We all make up a team helping those in need. You can reach out with questions to recruiting@hopatcongems.org or grab an application.

More About the Explorer Program:

Do you have a young adult interested in EMS? Well we have a program to get them engaged. Our EMS Explorer program teaches young adults (Age 14+ who have completed the eighth grade) the skills they need to become First Responders. Once an Explorer reaches 16 and has completed the appropriate training can start hands on training on the ambulance on real calls. Many of our Explorers have continued their training and become EMTs.

This program is open to residents of Hopatcong and surrounding towns. Explorers meet the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 at the Hopatcong Ambulance Squad building on River Styx Road. You are welcome to attend to get more information or feel free to reach out to us with any questions. These young adults are the future for EMS in our community.

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