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Hopatcong Fire Department – Above and Beyond in Cat vs. Tree Rescue

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The Hopatcong Fire Department recently published a Facebook post on their kindness to the community in rescuing a Cat from a Tree.

Amazing that some of the comments on Facebook post were somewhat negative about having to go through this time, expense and danger for just a cat.

Hopatcong FireSo, here are the facts:

Cats are not squirrels. Yes cats are good climbers going up, but not good coming down. Cats must climb down a tree backwards due to physics and their physiology. Some cats eventually figure out this concept and are able to work their way down from a tree.

But descending from a tree is impossible for a cat if he or she is instinctively reluctant, injured, exhausted and/or if the tree's diameter is too large. Large trees can prevent a cat from being able to wrap and grip the tree well enough with its front legs for a safe, controlled descent. Anything other than a controlled descent is a fall. And a fall from heights will very likely result in a negative outcome.

The Dangers of Shock and Dehydration

Cats can go into a state of shock, and much like a human can be overcome with the fear of falling and simply not be able to think clearly. A cat can be so filled with fright that it doesn't realize it's capable of climbing down on its own.

This risk of a fall is great. But the risk of starvation and dehydration is greater and more likely. Like humans, all animals suffer negative health effects from exposure, dehydration and starvation. Obviously, when a cat is stuck in a tree, it is virtually impossible for him or her to find food and clean drinking water. The adverse health effects of dehydration and starvation necessitates a cat's treetop retrieval and rescue, sooner than later.

So the bottom line is the Hopatcong Fire Department provided a service that saved the cat from an unknown fate.


Above facts are from Cat Rescue Experts - Editor

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