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St. Jude Church turns up the heat on a Corned Beef Dinner Event

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In an event you don’t want to miss, St. Jude’s Church in Hopatcong will be hosting a full Corned Beef Dinner and a 50/50 Raffle to help raise funds to replace the ancient boilers within the church.

Corned Beef DinnerThis Corned Beef Dinner features:

  • Corned Beef
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots
  • Patatoes
  • Water / Soda
  • Dessert
  • Live DJ
  • 50/50 Raffle

This annual Corned Beef Dinner with all of the trimmings, plus a 50/50 Raffle is expected to help the Church raise the final funds necessary to replace the boilers that were installed in 1958.

The ancient boilers that are now 58 years old have failed multiple times and have become a major issue for the church to the point that Jimmy Cafferty Chairman of Fundraising for the last one and half years, jumped into action in 2016 to create the activities necessary to raise the funds.

In 2016 we ran a Casino Night, Calendar Raffle and a Craft Fair to help us reach our goal. And it’s important for the Church that as we create these events for the community, we always ensure that the  event is priced and scheduled in a way that best serves our community.”  

Jimmy went on to state, “These community events that we prepare for the community take a lot of effort inside the church. In the case of the Corned Beef Dinner the following team will spend at least 12 hours starting on Friday to prepare the dinner that will be served on Saturday, so we want to give special recognition to our team of volunteers.”

  • AnnMarie Lehr
  • Jed Douglass
  • Lorraine Cucinella
  • Michael Job
  • Anita Sudak

St Jude Church BoilersHenry Schmidt, who has been the Trustee of the church over the last 41 years, went on to explain the history of the boilers and the need for the replacement.

“These Boilers were originally installed as the church was built in the 1958 – 1959 timeframe. Their initial design was to provide heat through pipes under the floor, but that system failed in the 1970’s so the church came up with an alternative forced air system to drive heat into the church. Additionally, as one of the boilers failed completely last year, we recognized that the maintenance of the boilers is no longer possible.”


So let’s help St. Jude Church turn up the heat with new Boilers this spring, as we enjoy a full Corned Beef Dinner and a 50/50 Raffle!

For more information call the Parish Office at 973-398-6377

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