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Bunny Brothers charged with disorderly conduct

Hopatcong News
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Sussex County Prosecutor's Office slaps the Bunny Brothers with disorderly conduct for repeatedly blowing an air horn inside of Hopatcong Police Headquarters.

This story goes back to an event that occurred in November, where Kevin Hemmerich entered the Hopatcong Police Headquarters blowing an air horn. After several minutes of blowing the horn sporadically, after being told to stop. Hopatcong Police officers Nicholas Maresca took action to secure the unknown situation. Luckily the situation was quickly defused by the Hopatcong Police.

In an interview with News 12, the attorney for a Hopatcong police officer facing charges for slapping a man in a bunny suit says that the officer had no choice.

Anthony IaculloAnthony Iacullo, the officer’s attorney, says Maresca had no other option given the circumstances.

“When an officer enters a situation like this, he has mere seconds to respond to a situation where there is an individual there acting in a way that not only caused concern of Mr. Maresca but individuals at police headquarters,” Iacullo says.

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