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Hopatcong Ambulance Squad - 2016 in review

Hopatcong News
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The Hopatcong Ambulance Squad is made up of about 30 first responders, EMTs and drivers most of whom are volunteers from our community.

This year EMS was dispatched for 942 calls. Of that, Hopatcong responded to 897 with the remaining 45 either cancelled before being actually dispatched or were calls taken by our mutual aid partners in the area.

This was an increase in calls taken by nearly 8% from last year. Our members spent 2,822 hours on calls and traveled an estimated 23,914 miles. The average time for a call is about 1.25 hours. We definitely keep busy!

Our squad continues provide the best emergency response service we can to everyone in our community and we need your help. We need volunteers to help us help you, and we need funding to replace our aging and quickly decaying building. You can join our squad by getting an application here.

You can donate (tax deductible) to help us with our new building by going to our gofundme page.

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