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Hopatcong Land Use Board – Moves River Styx Redevelopment indicative forward to the Council

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Councilman Richard Schindelar, “We really want to work with the Land Owners, our Professionals and the Land Use Board to do something great in the center of our town!”

In the opening statement by the Chairman Alan Gilbert, he made it clear that the purpose of this meeting was for board members to discuss the study, and to possibly recommend that Borough Council proceed, or not proceed with the redevelopment study. “This only a recommendation, not a final decision on the redevelopment. There will be further public meetings by the Borough Council as they work on the plan.”

Councilman Richard SchindelarAfterward, Councilman Richard Schindelar reviewed the informational meeting that was held with the land owners on November 14. “I feel that this was a very positive meeting for both sides, and it helped clear up concerns and misinformation that was out there. One being that there is already a plan in place, which just is not the case, we are in the middle of working on it.”

“We really want to work with the Land Owners, our Professionals and the Land Use Board to do something great in the center of our town!”

William Haggerty, ESQ. Provided clarification on the process, and where things currently stood with the redevelopment, also clearly stating that this board was only providing a recommendation to the Borough Council.”

The recommendation is defined as: “The properties do fall within the criteria for redevelopment according to New Jersey statute.”

Questions from the public to the Land Use Board were:

  • Norman ShapiroNorman Shapiro: Speaking on behalf of the Jewish Center, he felt that the center should be exempt from the statute and that it would be a holy error if you go against the Jewish center and take their land just because it’s not developed. He felt that by saying the property is not developed correctly, invades his religious freedom.


  • Ralph Stone:  Wanted to know what the time limit for the further study, as he owns land within the redevelopment area that is part of his retirement fund. While it was stated by Chairman Alan Gilbert they don’t have control of the timeframe, they would convey his statement to the Borough Council.


  • Mike: Challenged the board as to the urgency of getting this done, as it doesn’t seem to bring anything more to the town. And how much is this study going to cost the taxpayers? Chairman Alan Gilbert stated, “The urgency is that the town council requested the study.”


  • Ruth Fouda: Had a question, on where we go from here for our opinions to be heard?  Chairman Alan Gilbert stated, “The next step is to attend the hearings that the Borough Council will hold.”


After closing the public section of the meeting, they voted unanimously to more the redevelopment project up to the Borough Council.

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