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First Graders BOOst Morale Overseas!

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First Graders send several pounds of candy to deployed troops, veterans, and first responders via Operation Gratitude

First Graders in Mrs. Linda Blazier's class helped to "BOOst" the morale of our troops stationed overseas this Halloween, by shipping several pounds of candy to deployed troops, veterans, and first responders via Operation Gratitude.

Much to the shock and delight of their parents, students gladly and generously gave up portions of their candy as a small way to express their appreciation for those working so hard, so far from home.

With Veteran's Day approaching, the collection offered a wonderful way to tie-in valuable lessons about our brave men and women in uniform. Blazier's class spent time discussing how it must feel to be far from home, family, and friends for an extended time and came up with the idea to send letters and pictures along with the candy, to help ease some of the homesickness.

Students came to the unanimous agreement that there are few things as effective as candy and kind words in bringing a smile to someone's face!

"It was so uplifting to watch these kids, with HUGE smiles on their faces, donating pounds upon pounds of the candy which only days earlier had been all they could talk about! I am so proud of the kindness and compassion that they have all shown, especially since these men and women are, essentially, total strangers to them," said Blazier, "It truly makes my heart sing!"

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