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Hopatcong Mayor Resigns – Starting process to name new Mayor

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Mayor Sylvia Petillo has officially submitted a brief letter of resignation to become effective November 17, 2016.

As expected. Mayor Sylvia Petillo who will be moving on to the Sussex County Freeholds position offered her resignation, before taking a new position. This event now starts the process of filling the vacancy short-term for an interim Mayor, and finally the long-term process to name the new Mayor of Hopatcong.

The Short-Term Process:

The Hopatcong Republican Committee has 15 days from the date of resignation (Due by December 1, 2016) to submit three possible candidates for consideration by the Borough Council. Based upon those candidates the Council will then select the new mayor, which will serve until the next election in 2017.

The Hopatcong Republican Committee will meet on Monday, November 14, where this should be a major topic at the meeting. The meeting is held at the Hopatcong Senior Center at 7:30 PM.

The Long-Term Process:

Hopatcong will hold a standard primary in June 2017 for the possible candidates that have properly filled to seek the position of Mayor, those that make it through the primary are listed on the ballot in the final election occurring in November 2017.

If the interim Mayor chooses to run, they will also have to file a petition in April to run in the June primary.

Afterward, the elected Mayor will serve the standard four-year term.

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