Guess who visited the Hopatcong Farmers Market?

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If you guessed the mayor of Hopatcong, that’s a good guess… But incorrect...

Actually, this last Sunday June 26, 2016, The Hopatcong Farmers Market was visited by Humming Meadows Alpacas farm, and they brought two of their Alpacas for the kids and yes even the adults to pet and get a close look. The first thing that strikes you about these animals is there tendency to Hum. Yes that’s right they hum… Not the lyrics of any famous song, but rather a study humming like a cat’s purr. It’s actually quite relaxing, and I’m sure it had some part of why they called the farm Humming Meadows.

This is just another great example on why you need to take a few minutes out of your Sunday to visit the Hopatcong Farmers Market, as you’re never sure who’s going to show up!

Note: Humming Meadows Alpacas farm is scheduled to be at the Farmers Market through the rest of the season. So make sure you stop by and bring the kids.

More about Humming Meadows Alpacas farm:
Humming Meadows Alpacas is a family owned alpaca farm in Sussex County, New Jersey, nestled in 27 acres of beautiful woods and fields. Sitting on our swing and enjoying the playful antics of our alpacas is what makes this life great for us.
We started our alpaca journey with two alpaca pets, these two males soon grew to three and as our herd grew so did our love for these peaceful creatures. As a dog trainer I found it fascinating how quickly our alpacas learned to perform tricks, one of my geldings even learned agility tricks. It was after losing this gelding that we realized how much we wanted to have alpacas become a larger part of our life, and so began our adventure in farming.

We have cleared 20+ acres of our land and created beautiful rolling pastures with hills for our males to romp on as well as quiet spots for our females to nurture and raise their crias. We have also made our farm home to two pygmy goats, Phoebe and Mathilda whose playful antics keep us amused for hours, a pig named Delilah and a donkey named Luigi. 
Several years ago we added chickens to our farm community from which we are now reaping the benefits of a constant supply of delicious eggs! Our hope is to increase awareness of the beauty of alpaca products while improving the fiber in our herd. We welcome guests to share our swing and enjoy our alpacas and every summer you can expect to see several new cria walking about. All of the animals on our farm are cared for with love, honor and respect.

More about Alpacas:
Alpacas have been domesticated for more than 5,000 years. They are one of Mother Nature's favorite farm animals. They are sensitive to their environment in every respect. The following physical attributes allow alpacas to maintain their harmony with our Mother Earth, Pachamama.

The alpaca's feet are padded and they leave even the most delicate terrain undamaged as it browses on native grasses. The alpaca is a modified ruminant with a three-compartment stomach. It converts grass and hay into energy very efficiently, eating less than other farm animals. Its camelid ancestry allows the alpaca to thrive without consuming very much water, although an abundant, fresh water supply is necessary.

The alpaca does not usually eat or destroy trees, preferring tender grasses, which it does not pull up by the roots. South American Indians use alpaca dung for fuel and gardeners find the alpaca's rich fertilizer perfect for growing fruits and vegetables. A herd of alpacas consolidates its feces in one or two spots in the pasture, thereby controlling the spread of parasites, and making it easy to collect and compost for fertilizer. An alpaca produces enough fleece each year to create several soft, warm sweaters for its owners comfort. This is the alpaca's way of contributing to community energy conservation efforts.

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