The Best of 2020: Hopatcong Marketplace – Grows to Largest in Region

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As we continue to recap the Best of 2020 in this series of articles, we would be remiss if we did not mention the explosive growth of the Hopatcong Marketplace. It became a positive silver lining for the entire Lake Community in 2020.

While the event occurs in Hopatcong, it qualified as a lake regional event, since visitors and vendors from across Northern New Jersey came to our marketplace.

The event started on June 27, 2020, with just under 18 vendors and grew to over 100 vendors by the end of the season with hundreds of Hopatcong Lake locals visiting the event. The last event called “Christmas in the Park” that occurred on December 12, 2020, also featured the town's tree lighting thanks to the Recreation Department that provided an incredibly special Hallmark Moment to the evening.

The success for this event came from the vision from Jim Puicco from Queen of the Hill Farm LLC, and the team mentioned below, as grass roots movement.

Shots from the last Marketplace:

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Marketplace led by Volunteers:

The major turn for the Marketplace occurred when Jim Puicco (owner of Queen of the Hill farm) and other vendors from the previous year’s farmer’s market provided to the Council a mission, vision, and detailed plan for the new Marketplace. After that point, the Council agreed to allow the following to help manage the new vision of the Marketplace:

“On behalf of the Volunteer Vendor Committee and Farm to Art Fun, I want to thank everyone for supporting the Hopatcong Marketplace! We hope you enjoyed visiting the Hopatcong Marketplace as much as our vendors did. From our opening day back on June 27th to the Holiday Market in Modick Park, it was a pleasure building a market that encompasses everyone’s wants and needs.”

Jim Puccio

President, Farm to Art Fun, an NJ Non-Profit Group

Hopatcong MarketPlace Volunteer Vendor Committee


  • Chairman: Jim Puccio
  • Vice-Chairman: Joyce Guarducci
  • Secretary: Jodie Penn
  • Treasure: Karlene Yaple


  • James Guarducci
  • Christine Puccio
  • Rita Russomanno
  • Dale Schock
  • George Yaple Jr
  • Kimberly Zajkowski

Town Volunteer and Media Liaison:

  • Robin Calandriello

Special Thanks for the Hopatcong Marketplace for providing that much needed break from 2020.

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