Hopatcong Land Use Board – [12/15/2020} Review Major Renovation Proposed on Lakeside Blvd.

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During the Land Use Board meeting from December 15, 2020, the members reviewed a major investment and change to Lakeside Blvd. Which includes moving the entire block into residential housing, except for the “A Cut Above” business.  

Under the plan submitted by BellaRosa Realty, the Hair Salon would remain, and two other businesses would close their current locations. (Psychic Solutions and Limo Services).

The existing and newly proposed residential building would be built on the property, which would include 48 parking spaces for the tenants and the single commercial building.

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Facts before the Land Use Board:

New Application: BellaRosa Realty Block 10707 Lots 6,7,8,9 Lakeside Boulevard

The applicant is seeking Preliminary & Final Site Plan, approval, Bulk Variances, and Use Variances to convert commercial space to residential space, construct three multi-family residential units, as well as variances for a number of structures, the separation between buildings, parking, and front yard setback.

Public Comment:

Three members from the public (see video) shared had the opinion that a Traffic Study needs to be performed as both side streets (Edsall Rd and Ryerson Rd.) are both busy roads, and the traffic congestion between this housing development, QuickChek and the Recreation Center are all moving a turn across three lanes of traffic.

Hopatcong Land Use Board Direction:

Board members called for the applicant to provide the following before the next meeting on January 19, 2021.

  • Traffic Analysis for both of the side streets (Edsall Rd and Ryerson Rd.) and impact
  • Consider better conformity across the buildings facing Lakeside Blvd.
  • The wetlands should be reviewed closer as they appear to flood out easily
  • There are currently 47 questions provided on the Application that needs to be answered

Overall: The board agreed positively to the overall project when asked by the applicant.

Final Decision:

  • The Application will be moved to the January 19, 2021 meeting for an update on the requested actions.

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