Hopatcong School District eSports – One of Eight in Nation – Invited to College Playoffs

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It is no surprise that the Hopatcong High School (HSD) talented teachers and students continue to achieve extraordinary results, and this time it is in the eSports arena.

While eSports in the Hopatcong School District is still only an after-hours club, they have been selected as one of only eight High Schools into the esteemed College Playoffs, which is heavily monitored by College Recruiters willing to offer four-year scholarships based upon the skill of the player.

STEAM In1The Hopatcong School District eSports Club was heavily promoted by Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo Assistant Superintendent and Math Teacher Mr. James McKowen STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics), as during the first session of virtual learning to keep the kids engaged in school. Since that time, they have been playing teams nationally for rankings, similar to National Football Championships.

"Beyond the social and emotional benefits, eSports teaches the successful use of STEAM in how to plan for success, as the team of students needs to research how to use technology, math, geometry and so many other areas of learning. I"m always true to ensure learning is unique, authentic, and meaningful for the students." Stated James McKowen

In speaking with Mr. Joseph S. Piccirillo Assistant Superintendent, he further added.

esposts Paris“eSports and gaming are becoming more and more popular with students. For us, now is the perfect time to start, because It is a way for students to engage with one another and form social connections which they are in desperate need of considering that schools have been closed. This club will help students feel connected to each other, their teacher, and their school, and I think it will have a tremendous positive impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of our students.”

This newly emerging sports that will be included in the next 2024 Summer Olympics, has gained national attention that starts to place in the same category as Football, Baseball, and Soccer. With many progressive Colleges offering full scholarships to students.

Host of Games: Illinois Wesleyan College

Illinois Wesleyan College eSports LogoIn this case, Hopatcong High School has been invited to play for Illinois Wesleyan College as one of the top eight schools in the nation (out of 17,000 schools). The play-off is designed as a way to get the kids before College Recruiters, so they can pick the best for Scholarship awards.

As part of this invitation, students will work with college coaches in both 1 on 1 and full team sessions.

Wesleyan College is one of the many that have taken eSports very seriously with a recent investment of over $500,000 into the development of their own eSports lab.

Hopatcong High School also announces that will be adding Madden Football and FIFA Soccer to the Spring League games that students can participate in with the club. Currently, they have 40+ students that have joined the club that may hopefully lead to scholarships.

Wish our Students well over the next month as they battle their way to the top!

More About Illinois Wesleyan College:


The Illinois Wesleyan Esports program offers a supportive and diverse environment for students to train, compete, and pursue their passions. Each team competes on a national level to represent the school through different tournaments and leagues. We currently field teams in League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros.


The Esports program trains within our state-of-the-art facility on campus. The two standalone facility houses over 50 computers, a competition room, broadcast studio, conference room, and two student lounges.

Photo Credits: NPR from Illinois State University
Photo Credits: NPR from Illinois State University
Photo Credits: NPR from Illinois State University
Photo Credits: NPR from Illinois State University
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We’re committed to bringing in and supporting the most talented players and creating a powerhouse in the world of collegiate esports. Note: They are currently ranked 5th Nationwide.

Interested in Joining Hopatcong Schools eSports?:

Students information on joining the eSports Club

Contact Email jmckowen@hopatcongschools.org


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