Borough of Hopatcong Council Meeting – Holidays - Generosity of Public - Crescent Cove Testing

Photo Credits for Holiday Pictures goes to Jodie Penn

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The following is the full recording of the Zoom Conference of the Borough of Hopatcong Council Meeting on December 2, 2020. The Council thanked the public for their generosity during these holiday period, and to the volunteers, DPW and other that help decorate the town for the holiday. The Mayor also brought to everyone’s attention the positive report on Crescent Cove (see below).

The following should be considered the more important community developments for residents:

  • thumbnail hopatcong Holiday Market Maxim GlenThe community has been very generous in their support of all the community projects underway.

  • Community Center has more Giving Tree Tags available.

  • Multiple organizations helped to apply Christmas beauty to our town

  • State provided Storm Water Management plan needs more work to fit our town

  • Crescent Cove did better than expected per the test results from BlueLakes (Read Report)

Council Meeting Highlights: Watch the Full Video

Council Member Updates:

  • Councilmember Dawn Roberts that the community for their generosity across multiple areas.
  • The Giving Tree at the Hopatcong Community Center will be receiving new tags, so if you missed the first round, a second-round is now available. Check the Community Center Facebook page for updates. 
  • The Community Center is now collecting Turkeys for Christmas and the Coat Drives continues, so if anyone needs a coat or outer ware, stop by the community center.
  • Hopatcong Marketplace in the Park has been postponed until 12/19. Christmas in the park is still scheduled for 12/12.
  • The Beautification Committee with the Woman’s Club decorated Maxim Glen Park and the Borough Hall. Special Thanks to Steve Millian, Nesters Nursery, and Ron Tappan for their help
  • New 2’ x 4’ Christmas Banners will be added to the poles along the River Styx area
  • Councilmember Richard Schindelar thanked the DPW for posting the decorations along the town center
  • The Environmental Commission is working on 2021 programs, which is expected to include more on the arts
  • Councilmember Jennifer Johnson started that Scout Pack 88 will be collecting Toys-for-Tots at the upcoming Marketplaces in the park

Administrators Report:

  • The Borough found major damage on Daydream Rd from the last rainstorm, the DPW has already taken action and worked all day to correct the issues.
  • Working with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Princeton Hydro to correct the lake filtration systems
  • Submitted for two Grants, Crescent Cove aeration project, and reimbursement for COVID-19 expanses
  • Borough is working on next year’s budget across all departments

Public Comment:

  • Q: Resident questioned the case law that was given to her on water damage she receives on her property, as it does not seem to apply This resiudent has appeared before the council several times regarding the rain-shed into her property
    • A: We shared one case of many with the resident, we don’t intend on changing our position

  • Q: Resident Questioned why Storm Water management needs a definition for minor development


  • Introduction: 2020-33, Stormwater (Tabled)

Mayor indicated that the council would work on the ordinance for the best interest of the town and reintroduce the modified version


a.     2020-155, Approval to hire Brian Prada as Laborer 1 (Passed)

b.     2020-156, Approval of Chief of Police contract (Passed)

c.      2020-157, Approval of the withdrawal of funds from LOSAP (Passed)

Old Business: None

New Business:

  • The Borough is creating and submitting the 2020 Best Practices. This will be moved to the next meeting to ensure the council members have time to review

Mayor’s Comments:

  • Crescent Cove's final report on the effectiveness of the aeration is now available from EverBlue Lakes and shoes a significant reduction in Phosphorus from that area during the short term the aeration system as on. Read the Full Report Here (add fly—over)
    Crescent Cove Results End 2020

  • On December 10th, there will be a Mayors call with the DEP in which the mayor will take the opportunity to further discuss the Bio Blast phase two of the project for the Spring

  • The Borough has received their first check from the solar field for $23,500. Which is good money for an abandoned dump.

  • Our town is so special for their time in the amount of time our volunteers spend on the community

  • The 607 corridor (Lakeside Blvd.) from Maxim School to the State Park redevelopment is under review for redevelopment to help bring move investment into our community.

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