Hopatcong Land Use Meeting – [12/01/2020] – Storm Water – Dog Park Defined – Police Firing Range

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The following a recap of the Zoom Conference for the Borough of Hopatcong Land Use Board Meeting that occurred on December 1, 2020. We highly suggest you watch the videos to get the full information.

What you Need to Know:

  • Architecture business “RD Architectural” was granted the ability to run a professional office from his home

  • The only new application before the board for Scott Wood at 213 Maxim Drive was postponed until the next meeting, allowing Mr. Wood to prove that the Garage has a historic use of an apartment back in 1959 in order to entertain new construction on the Garage / Apartment

  • Councilman Ryan Smith spoke during the public section with several issues regarding a new Storm Water Control ordinance. See Below for Details

  • The Highlands Council has approved a $37,200 Grant to look at more redevelopment plans for the River Styx and the 607 corridor. Expected results of the proposal are to be like the River Styx area model.

  • Dog Park at Jefferson Field is set for a Spring Implementation. See Below for Details

  • The Police Firing Range is almost 95% complete and has been under operation since September. See Below for Details

New Storm Control Ordinance:

New Changes are being proposed to the current Storm Control Ordinance as mandated by the State, and required to be submitted by 03/2021, Councilman Ryan Smith brought forward the following points:  

  • Rules that apply to large developments are now being forced down on small homeowners
  • Rules on “what is impervious surfaces” are in the new rules are much stricter, removing things like gravel driveways, paver blocks and now include decks – Changing this will change the way the Land Use Board operates.

The Mayor made it clear that this now moves to the Council for their work, as they are good points that need to be reviewed and modified by the Council for the best interest of the town.

Old Business: Areas in Need of Redevelopment:

The Highlands Council has approved a $37,200 Grant to look at more redevelopment plans along River Styx and the 607 corridor. Expected results are to be like the same model as River Styx Road

New Business:

Development of a Dog Park:

Hopatcong New Dog Park PlanCouncilmember John Young spoke about the development of a Dog Park (and small dog area) at Jefferson Park Ball Field by reducing the left field area of the park to make room for a fully fenced-in dog park that is 50’ wide. The old handball count will be removed and made into a small dog area.

Most of the infrastructure already exists, so the cost will be minimal. The grand opening will be in the Spring of 2021.

Jefferson Park is not far from fom the center of town, the the gates are expected to be on Jefferson Trail, Hopatcong

Police Firing Range in Final Stages:

    • The progress on the Police Firing range is 90 – 95%
    • The Fire Range is actively already being used as of September
    • Sound tests have been performed in multiple areas around the range with 45 – 50 DBS, a few more protective measures will be deployed based upon the test results.
    • The Fire Range brings significant savings to the Borough as officers do not need to travel out of the area for the Quarterly qualifications.
    • The Mayor added that the Council will set a schedule on when it will be utilized.


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