Hopatcong School District – Cosmetology CTE Course – Graduates can earn $37,000 after Graduation!

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Even though the Borough of Hopatcong may not be as big as some of our neighbors, our school system seems to attract some of the very best instructors nationwide. These teachers bring with them a diversity of education, and well rounded knowledge to impart to our students.

HSD Great Hiring = Great Teachers

When the Hopatcong School District started their first year of the Cosmetology CTE Courses back in September they had to find the right teacher.

They had the insight to hire Cosmetology Teacher “Rossella Tripodi”. She has 16 years experience in the industry, plus 10 has years of teaching experience. During this selection period, they hired someone who could not only successfully run the course but could also encourage and nuture the love she has for education and the profession.

“This is very near and dear to heart since this is the way I started years ago, I took these courses in my High School in my day knowing I would have had a career after finishing high school.”

The classroom equipped through Hopatcong School District has 12 hair stations, two hair washing standings, and nail station stations.

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Who is Rossella Tripodi - Cosmetology Teacher - Hopatcong High School?

Rossella TripodiRossella Tripodi has extensive experience as a teacher for several private cosmetology schools including: Cutting Edge Academy, Artistic Academy, and adjunct professor for Sussex Community College. She also worked in top salons in Essex and Morris County, with expertise in Top Stylist, Hair Styles, Cutting, Color Design, and Chemical Services.

“I am so thrilled to help students follow the steps on how I got into the business early in life and help provide them jobs as they graduate in an industry where the annual salaries are from $37.000 to starts and can grow to $90,000 (includes Tips) over the years. “

“My heart and soul are really into this job to help the students. And getting students to help enhance the profession as they learn the basics.”

“I make my classroom as a practical test, so students have no surprises.”

More about Hopatcong School District Cosmetology CTE Courses.

Hopatcong School District Mission:

To provide school to college or school to career preparation for careers in Human Services, particularly Cosmetology. This mission is achieved through a rigorous curriculum which prepares students with the necessary training to earn a NJ State Cosmetology certificate upon completion of the program.

Our Goals

  • · Assist in achieving the Cosmetology workforce needs of the State.
  • · Assist in creating a work force in this field that has ethnic and gender diversity.
  • · Promote a broadly trained worker who will meet the needs of future new projects in the Human Services career cluster.
  • · Provide students with a strong foundation in cosmetology as well as issues regarding customer relations, safety, business, and health/sanitation.
  • · Enhance quality high school to college articulation as well as high school to work articulation.

Hopatcong School District Course Sequence:

Cosmetology I

Introduction and overview to cosmetology principles, procedures, and hands on skills will be covered. Topics include hair styling implements, equipment, bacteriology, scalp abnormalities and diseases, corrective treatments, sanitation, sterilization, wigs and hair pieces, draping, basic sectioning, shampoos, rinses, finger waves, pin curls, braids, rollers, combing, brushing, blow drying, school safety, cosmetology safety, math skills, histology of hair, and the composition, function, requirements and procedures of the State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling exam. Emphasis on safety and sanitation measures will be implemented in all instruction.

Cosmetology II

Introduction to basic services of cosmetology, and a comprehensive overview of the history of coloring will be explored. Topics include principles and procedures of Cosmetology, using creative expression and artistry for hair cutting, coloring, lightening, scalp and hair analysis, and permanent waving.

Cosmetology III

In this course students will independently and safely practice cosmetology methods and complete degree requirements. Topics include the art of soft selling products and service and the process of providing services for clients in a salon atmosphere. Additionally, students will prepare for the New Jersey State Board Exam.

Structured Learning Experience through HSD

Job Shadow: Students will have the opportunity to shadow hairdressers at local salons during their first two years in the program. Each student will spend at least 20 hours shadowing licensed Cosmetologists per year. Students will be responsible for keeping a journal of these experiences and the cosmetologist will be available to meet students before and after their shadowing to answer questions and help enrich their experience.

School- Based Enterprise: Our students will volunteer their time after school and on Saturdays to cut hair, do makeup, and complete other related Cosmetology services for district faculty members, friends, and family. Students will take appointments, and the cost for services will not be for profit, but rather, simply to cover expenses (e.g. hair color, nail polish, etc). This will all be done under the guidance and supervision of the Cosmetology instructor.

Third Party Assessment

Students will also be trained to pass the NJ State Board of Cosmetology licensure exam so that they will be certified and employable within the field of cosmetology upon graduation.

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